B2B Communications

There are rarely simple answers in the world of B2B communications. The B2B sales funnel is often long, arduous and complicated, with dozens of different stages, stakeholders and priorities to juggle and engage. Reaching the right person with the right message on the right channel at the right time has never been more challenging for communicators looking to influence the decision-makers that matter.

We understand what the modern B2B buying process looks like and how communications can help drive sales and close deals. Through our own research we know that today’s decision-makers look for a consistent story and experience across all channels, media and devices, throughout their buying journey. To ensure that the story is engaging and credible, we believe B2B brands need to impact decision-makers emotionally as well as rationally in a bid to drive cut through and move away from differentiation purely based on price.

Building and protecting brand reputation is just as critical as brand and product marketing – and by doing both well, we help our B2B clients stand out and succeed in an increasingly competitive market.

Case Study

npower Business Solutions

npower Business Solutions (nBS), the business to business arm of npower, engaged FleishmanHillard Fishburn to build an integrated communications programme to help the business cut through the noise and showcase Energy HQ as a unique offering for customers. Working hand in hand with nBS, we developed a campaign – Knowledge is npower – which helps drive business customers through the sales journey. Our approach incorporated a three-phase campaign:

  • Conducting quantitative research to explore the attitudes of energy managers on the future of energy in our current economic and regulatory environment
  • Building a team of external experts (influencers) on energy management and sustainability for media and stakeholder opportunities
  • Creating a segment-specific toolkit which provides nBS customers with the tools they need to make the business case to their leadership for investment in a long-term energy strategy

The campaign has already delivered an increase in nBS coverage and is expected to continue to shift the share of voice in nBS’s favour as we execute further.


All clients have access to our deep expertise in research, planning, strategy, execution and measurement and evaluation but we also offer in particular:

Communications strategy

Narrative and messaging

Audience and influencer mapping

B2B brand marketing

Integrated campaign planning

Content strategy and development

Product launches

Executive profiling

Media and influencer relations

Events strategy

Speaker bureau