Corporate Reporting

The landscape of business communications has changed beyond recognition, but our research shows many businesses have not kept up with this new world – we think it’s time that changed, and here are five things to think about.

Think bigger

When you envisage an investor, it’s easy to see financial and institutional giants, or maybe shareholders saving for a rainy day. It’s easy, but it’s not correct. Companies must remember their investors are also their customers and employees, their partners and policy makers, and even the media and NGOs.

Think deeper

And while financial performance does matter to these groups of people, for most, real success goes far beyond money. They invest in the company because they care about it, because they believe in it, because there is a deeper purpose behind the profits – a good approach to reporting communications is one that can define what this purpose really is.

Think better

Despite this shift both in audience and aim, FHF research shows a growing disconnect between what brands are telling their investors and what people actually want to know. That’s why we have created an entirely new approach to reporting communications, one where investorbased performance measures, such as customer satisfaction and employee engagement, make us examine value from the perspective of the people who are actually vested in creating it.

Think simpler

Investors may want a variety of information, in differing levels of detail, but we need to avoid a scatter-gun communications approach that tries to be too many things to too many people. Instead, companies need a pragmatic, yet incisive, strategy that focusses on fewer, more relevant channels of communication. With the right editorial policy, sharing investor-based stories helps a company communicate a consistent message, one that unites their purpose, their goals, their culture and their values.

Think of us

At FHF, our unique We Are All Investors approach gives the outdated corporate report a new lease of life, a new purpose, and a new direction. Within Omnicom, we have the UK’s most experienced corporate reporting team, counting Barclays, Prudential and Total amongst our clients and the IR Society FTSE 100 Best Annual Report and the Bulldog Best Investor Relations among our awards. We pride ourselves on working hand-in-glove with other agencies to make their clients’ reporting communications progressive in their content and world class in their design and delivery.


We have successfully delivered reports and won awards (11 alone in the last 12 months and still counting) across our breadth of clients, from the top of the FTSE 100 through to private equity companies and public organisations. We are proud of our long-standing partnerships with Barclays (16 years), Prudential (12 years), Cable & Wireless (nine years), Jupiter (seven years) and Standard Chartered (six years) to name a few. We also work with a variety of clients across diverse sectors, for example: QNB, Smart Energy, Santander, The Jockey Club, Millicom, Total UK and Smurfitt Kappa.


So whatever corporate story your client needs to tell, whether it’s sustainability reporting, gender pay gap or financials, we are here to help. Get in touch if you’d like to explore working together.