Employee Engagement and Change

Engaging employees and delivering change remain business imperatives regardless of size or sector. However, more often than not, these initiatives fail; when they do, a lack of communication is often the reason.

“Communication works for those who work at it” – John Powell

 Combining expertise in internal communications and workplace psychology, we work with organisations to translate strategic ambition into practical plans and tangible deliverables, which help motivate people to deliver business goals.

In our experience, engagement and change work is only effective when three elements are given thorough consideration:

  1. Culture – the audience, working environment and behavioural context.
  2. Structure – the channels and governance that will reach and engage people.
  3. Content – the right messages, presented creatively, to provide people with understanding and direction.

We use this framework to help clients better understand the challenges in front of them, and to create and deliver effective communication. Our goal is to help you drive long-lasting, meaningful success (and avoid becoming another statistic).

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