Public Affairs

We’re the agency for political change. Every day we work with our clients to change stakeholder perceptions, promote the policy change they want to see and fight the change they don’t.

We are set apart by our “360 communications approach” to public affairs. This means we are strategic – guiding our clients towards clear goals, asks and messages; integrated – using the full suite of communications channels, from traditional stakeholder engagement to media and digital influence, and creative – bringing to political influence the boldness and innovation of a world-leading communications agency.

We offer clients a team with first-hand experience of government, parliament, the civil service, local government and campaigning; rich insight and contacts across the political spectrum, and extensive policy knowledge and consulting excellence.

Case study

In 2016 pubs, bars and restaurants faced a nationwide crisis. A planned revaluation of business rates meant many found themselves looking at substantial bill increases. Having to pay this all in one go meant many would have to forego investments in their business and in some cases cease trading.

Working with the ALMR (now UK Hospitality) we created a CorpComms award-winning campaign that used a winning mixture of political, media, social and grassroots lobbying techniques to challenge the government to rethink their decision and examine the way they dealt with appeals.

As a result, pubs and restaurants were the only businesses to receive sector specific relief in the 2017 Budget and the Government also committed to reform of the appeals process. In addition, all the main political parties provided manifesto commitments during the General Election to undertake root and branch reform of the valuation system.


All clients have access to our deep expertise in research, planning, strategy, execution and measurement and evaluation but we also offer in particular:

Political strategy and counsel

Political reputation management

Political risk analysis

Policy development

Messaging workshops

Political monitoring and insight

Political engagement training

Events, stunts, VIP visits

Party conference programmes

Mergers and acquisitions support

Strategy and messaging workshops

Stakeholder and policy landscape mapping

Stakeholder engagement

Digital influence

Issue campaigns

Activist management

Select Committee training

Consultation responses

Brexit advisory

International relations

Trade communications

Planning communications