Technology is what drives change. It has the power to disrupt whole industries and shift the behaviour of entire generations. But today, these changes come at such pace and breadth and in a world of populism and mistrust, telling the right technology story has never been more critical.

The FleishmanHillard Fishburn technology team brings together its heritage for storytelling and deep understanding of reputation and brand with critical technical knowledge. So, whether you’re an enterprise technology company, a fast paced scale-up or traditional business just starting to discover your tech story, we have the expertise to protect and promote your technology future.

Case study

How do you help a company transform its perception both internally and externally to realise enormous new business potential?

To accomplish this, Seagate, IDC and their global PR agencies including the FHF team here in London, embarked on a multi-year thought leadership platform and campaign. The aim was to lift Seagate above its traditional communications arena, and reach new potential customers, partners and clients. The campaign launched with a data-and-content rich microsite, videos, deep-dive white paper, global announcement and an ‘exclusives’ media strategy.

The campaign was a huge success, smashing Seagate’s global coverage target, driving thousands of visitors to the microsite and even more downloads of the white paper. We also took the company from an almost standing start in industry thought leadership to number one share of voice globally through our campaign about Seagate’s view of this new world of data.


All clients have access to our deep expertise in research, planning, strategy, execution and measurement and evaluation but we also offer in particular:

Communications strategy

Narrative and messaging

Reputation management

Crisis communications

Integrated campaign planning

Content strategy and development

Product launches

Executive profiling

Media and influencer relations

Events strategy and speaker bureau