Youth & Culture Resident, London

We are a global communications agency covering everything from healthcare to technology. Recently, the Brand Marketing and Consumer team launched a new specialism in Youth & Culture trends and audiences.

Focusing on work that builds momentum for brands such as Bose, Fitbit, Crocs and Singapore Airlines, we work with brands that have a purpose to bring their stories to life. Working within culture and understanding the deeper rooted collective consciousness that unifies and segregates, we’re looking for residents, or as we’re calling them PR Youth & Culture Residents, to help us dive into culture and create movements.

Youth & Culture Resident

Your residency will vary from day to day and will include the below, helping to shape some of our award-winning work and events.

  • Trends
    • Be at the forefront of our trends forecasting, diving into insights and the latest cultural moments. Reporting on the next big, cultural shifts
  • Digital
    • Creating content for some of the world’s biggest brands including Fitbit and GoPro, reaching audiences across the globe
    • Have your voice heard suggesting innovative ideas for engaging content, writing copy and sourcing imagery, and engaging with UK and global audiences
  • Events
    • Help drive our media and consumer events from planning to execution – finding weird and wonderful venues, working with emerging artists, sourcing ethical and environmentally friendly food for menus and gifts for goodie bags
  • Writing
    • Collaborating with media in the creation of editorial content, providing details on our clients and highlighting key calendar moments to offer information on clients’ products and services
    • Building a network of journalists and influencers, and collating their details in our media database
  • Internal Culture
    • Take part in our Culture Club – running everything from gallery visits to yoga and Tough Mudder
    • Getting your playlist on the team speakers

All about you

  • Bring your passions to workplace
    We want to see the real you! Your passions are the things that separate you, as an individual, from the pack and illustrate what makes you different. At FHF, we want to encourage this and support our employees to show themselves.
  • Finger on the cultural pulse
    We don’t like to guess and we don’t like to pretend like we know what we’re talking about. We always want to be on the cultural pulse because we want to know what’s happening – all the time. We manage to do pretty well, but we’re always looking for the latest talent to show the latest trend to dive into.
  • Consumer of Content Living a digital life, knowing the ins and outs of the digital & social media landscape. Knowing each platform, how they’re typically used and feeling comfortable operating
  • Eye for detail
    The finer details can be the difference between a successful campaign and being on the trending Twitter list for all the wrong reasons… Please make sure we’re going viral for all the right reasons.
  • Voice your opinion – Aptitude in presentation and public speaking
    We don’t simply want “Yes Men/Women” – we want to hear your opinions and we want to be told things we might not have thought of otherwise! You will need to be comfortable presenting your ideas, occasionally in a public format. If you’re not, we’ll work with you to improve these skills.
  • Are you the organised one in your group of friends? Outstanding organisational and time management skills
    Juggling emails, cultural research, brainstorms and making a cuppa for yourself can sometimes happen within the same breath. This role requires commitment and genuine thought in approaching how you organise and spend your time.
  • Next Shakespeare? Knowledge of copywriting and editing
    Confidence in writing is pivotal, as a huge part of our role revolves around communication. Without the ability to communicate efficiently through words, your communication is understandably restricted. We’re looking for someone confident in expressing themselves, with a solid handle on their writing skills to deliver succinct and key messages.


In return

  • You will work with some of the industry’s most in demand minds and brands, across our consumer clients but also within the world of tech, healthcare and corporate communications. We’re not just talking about FHF either! With our work encompassing brands from Bose, Fitbit and Singapore Airlines, you’ll work with top-tier brands getting real world experience first-hand.
  • You’ll be integral to events
    Internships have unfortunately, but fairly, been tagged as a somewhat dirty and exploitive word in recent times. We’re well aware of this and we refuse to be like other companies. Your role with not simply be some grunt work, our desire is to have you fully integrated into our team with a full understanding of what and why things are happening.
  • You’ll have an internship that pays – London Living Wage
    We understand this and we do everything in our power to ensure our team is adequately paid and compensated. Not to mention our awesome benefits!

If you’re eager to create, communicate and eat cake, apply!

How to apply

To apply for our Residency please send the below to

  • Answer the following question, any way you’d love to: What do you think the biggest issue generation Z of today face, and how would you fix it?

For written entries, please keep answers to one page, PowerPoints to one slide and for any video content please keep to 120 seconds.

Good luck!