Hargreaves Lansdown

Annual Report

Hargreaves Lansdown is the UK’s number 1 direct to investor investment service. They want to empower their customers to save and invest with confidence while delivering sustainable value to their stakeholders. Since 2011 they have been a mainstay of the FTSE 100 but their reporting communications were not reflective of the organisations’ ambitions.

The annual report had lacked the confidence of its peers and while covering all the correct topics and regulatory issues, it neither celebrated the content nor offered more granular detail to give readers the required fair, balanced and understandable content.

Our reporting strategy leveraged the launch of Hargreaves Lansdown’s new brand identity, complete with their manifesto and purpose. The report has become a key expression of the company’s new identity and brings a fresher and younger focus that also helped formulate the messaging and overriding narrative flow.

‘Putting clients first’ was the simple and powerful proposition. This theme is driven through the report and while clearly prevalent through the imagery and case studies, the graphical elements had clients as the core thread highlighting this overarching message.

The result is a report that has earned praise from the board room through to the analysts, saying it is concise, clear and easy to understand. The report is a very confident reflection of HL and their ambition, and the key piece of transparent communication to their customers and investors.